" Our local Window Medics International dealer provided, exceptional service! Our windows are now fog free and what we paid was less than half the quote to replace our windows. Thanks, I will definitely recommend your service."

- T. Embrett

"A relative of mine had work done in Minnesota. They sang high praises of your work. It is not often they would talk about a service this way.”

- J. Guthrie

"MAGIC! Now you see it... now you don’t! When your technicians flushed our window with that last rinse the fog disappeared!"

- K. Dandeno

"We bought our house for the spectacular view. A couple of years later our view was distorted due to fog that would come and go as it pleased. Window Medics International restored our priceless view."

- R & D Oderkirk

"I had to take the time to let you know that your window restoration process to remove the moisture and dirt is tremendous. Condensation in thermal windows is a huge problem in my area, I will tell all my friends!"

- M. Gimignani

"This innovative service is saving our property management firm thousands of dollars. Over the last few years, all of the windows in our complex have been failing; our budget has only allowed us to fix a portion of the windows each year. The Window Medics International solution has given us the opportunity to catch up with our budget and get ourr window problem under control. See you next year."

- M. Attely

"Window Medics saved me lots of money, time and effort. The service is so convenient. Thanks Again."

- C. Weldon