Window Surgery

Foggy windows are more than just ugly to look through. The window condensation reduces the window’s ability to insulate you from outside temperatures, defeating the purpose of having thermal pane windows!

Furthermore, moisture begins to rot and corrode your glass if not fixed. As fog turns into condensation it leaves white vertical drip lines, etched panes and eventually large patches of white haze.

Our window treatment can solve most of these problems and is backed by our 5-Year Warranty.

If you have been experiencing window failure in your home, chances are that all your thermal pane windows are nearing the end of their engineered life span because during the construction of your home, windows are installed as a "family of windows"

. The clear windows adjacent to visibly foggy windows have been exposed to the same devastating environmental conditions. There may not be visible signs of failure yet (i.e. window fog or condensation), but it isn’t far behind.

Our certified Technicians can perform the “Dew-Point” chill test on your windows FREE OF CHARGE and those showing signs of failure can be repaired prior to permanent moisture damage.

Consider some of the Benefits we can offer:
-Repair existing glass at a savings of 50%-70% over the cost of window replacement.
-Increase insulation "R" value by 71%.
-Lower energy costs and less wear on your HVAC equipment.
-Neutralize the solar pumping that causes moisture problems in the first place.
-5-year transferable parts and labor warranty.

The Window Medics International window restoration process allows the work to be done at your home or business from the outside without removing your existing windows.

There is minimal inconvenience to you!